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Our Story

The Explorer Robotics Club was funded by a group of engineers who are enthusiastic to inspire children of different ages to discover the fun of engineering, technology, math and computer science through robotic building and programing activities.

The club is devoted to forecasting and providing professional and creative learning experience in order to give all students, coaches every opportunity explore the comprehensive STEM knowledge and skills in solving problems collaboratively, and to help them achieve maximum potential as participate in the learning and competition.

Our Team

  • Head coach of Robotics Competitions including FLL (First LEGO League) Tournament and WRO (World Robotics Olympiad). Led teams in winning multiple national, international robotics and programming awards.
  • Over 20 years of IT industry experience as software engineer working internationally.
  • MSc in Eletrical & Computer Engineering from University of Alberta.
  • BSc in Mathematics from Peking University.
Rice Rao
Gabriel Aversano
  • Over 12 years teaching youth programming in Ontario and BC.
  • Currently teaching Python Level 1-3 Class with the club.
  • Uses programming to make websites, games and automate tasks at work as a nuclear engineer working on a variety of large projects.
  • Nuclear Engineering and a Master’s in Business (MBA).
  • Professional robotics educator. Teaching internationally on programing, robotics, and electronics. Topics taught, Micro:Bit, Arduino, Into to computer science (Blockly), Basic and Intermediate Python, C++, MakeCode Arcade, MakeCode Mincraft and Roblox studio with Lua programing.
  • Led over 20 teams in the First Lego League competitions.
  • Currently teaching CoderZ robotics programming class with the club.
  • Bachelor of Science in Energy System Engineering, Ontario Technology University.
Michael Veneziano
Raymond Ye
  • Over 8 years of experience in robotics and programming.
  • First Lego League Assistant Coach, Mentor and Scholarship Recipient.
  • Electrial and Computer Engieering, Queen University.
  • Over 2 years teaching in advanced math for student from Gr.3-6.
  • Led club teams in achieving outstanding results in the University of Waterloo Beaver Computing Challenge.
  • Majoring in statistics and minoring in philosophy and economics in University of Toronto.
  • Participated in several math contests through elementary school and high school.
Tan Lin