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CoderZ Level 1

In the Level 1 class, students will be introduced to the virtual robot program, Blockly. Blockly offers a unique yet simple to understand programming language. Paired with the virtual robot simulation, students will be able to experience the joy of codi ng, without using a physical robot. They will learn basic topics, such as simple navigation, turning and other various skills relating to programming.

CoderZ Level 2

In the Level 2 Class, more advanced topics will be covered, including gyro, ultrasonic and color sensors. More functions such as loops and wait blocks will be explained. Students will be able learn about how the robot communicates with its environment, makes decisions and completes tasks and challenges. They will be able to use this knowledge to further complete the given tasks, such as moving virtual blocks using a virtual robot arm.

CoderZ Level 3

In the Level 3 class, students will be taught STEM and coding topics using gamification and a physically based environment. Error correction methods and different system control algorithms will be introduced. By the end of the course, the students will understand the forces acting on robots and their influence on the robot performance (kinematic and dynamics). They will be able to controll and program a robot that can interact with objects around it and can safely navigate through different changing environments.

CoderZ Level 4

In the Level 4 class, students will learn a more advanced and sophisticated programming language, Python. They will use Python to control and interact with the robot. They will be able to practice Python coding skills on a simulated robot in a physically accurate setting. Using this, students will be ready for various computer science projects in the future.