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General Information

Welcome to our Advanced Math page! During these classes, student will be able to develop a greater sense and understanding in many different areas of math. When they explore different functions and equations, their logical thinking skills will progress, leading them down a road where they are able to take apart and solve many different problems with many different methods. These ideas and difficulties will eventually grow the students mindsets, leading to a much more successful life in the real world.

Beast Academy Grade 3

In this class, students start to expand their understanding of how the number system works, how we name and represent numbers, and how to use place value. Students practice adding and subtracting with multi-digit numbers quickly and accurately. They will also start building critical thinking skills with strategies like estimation, working backward, and picture models. Students further their understanding of the number system and place value. They practice adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers quickly and accurately, and explore properties of different types of numbers, such as evens and odds.

Beast Academy Grade 4

Students are introduced to multiplication and how to use the distributive property to simplify calculations. Students also begin to learn how to interpret the mathematics of word problems. Other topics include two-dimensional shapes and their properties. Students continue to practice interpreting and solving word problems, and develop their higher-order strategic thinking. Students are introduced to fractions and learn division, estimation, and the use of variables in writing equations and solutions.

Beast Academy Grade 5

Students are introduced to different properties of two-dimensional shapes, symmetry, logic, and probability. Students learn how to master multiplication and division with multi-digit numbers. Students continue to build on foundational skills to develop their mathematical fluency across several topics. Students are introduced to decimals and negative integers, learn how to add and multiply fractions, and expand their understanding of the properties involved.

Beast Academy Grade 6

Students are introduced to different properties of two-dimensional shapes, In this course, students master the topics they’ll need to succeed in Prealgebra. Students finish their study of the arithmetic of fractions and negative integers. They are also introduced to the basics of algebra, measuring three-dimensional solids, factors and multiples, statistics and data, sequences, and ratios. Students round out their learning with mastery in decimals, square roots, and more. They are also introduced to new topics in sequences, percents, ratios and rates. They continue to reinforce critical problem-solving skills by grappling with complex word problems and puzzles in collaboration with their peers and instructors.